About Teacher Paul

Paul Duke lives, instructs, tutors, and writes in Canada and Japan.

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Teacher Paul Is Interviewed

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by someone whose work I have followed with admiration. Elisa James is a voice coach who operates online and in Australia. She has a fascinating background in performance, theatre, music and media, and uses her experience and education to help others develop

Hard-Boiled English Introduced in Russia

As part of my attempt to extend my teaching reach to far away learners online, I have made several interesting partnerships this year with educators in Russia, a country where English learning has become a priority. One is with Chatedu, an online language learning hub platform operated by Language Teacher

The Guests of Hard-Boiled English Live

Since my first live streaming show back in September 2020, I have strived to improve the quality of the show every week. This has involved changing streaming apps, adding customized graphics, video introductions and credit sequences, music, and most important of all, inviting special guests to join the show. Some

Finally, an Interesting Movie

This is less a review than a simple endorsement, but I feel nonetheless compelled to offer it. Rarely in the past twenty years has a movie captured my attention for the full run of its length. As a lifelong cinephile, I’ve seen just about everything, so part of this cinematic