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This past year, I began producing the video series, English Weirdness. Some of you may have already seen an episode on Youtube. If this is the case, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. The feedback thus far has been supportive and encouraging, and for this I am grateful. My goal is to make a high-quality video product for both students and teachers around the world, one that does something different than those other English learning videos you can find online by the thousand. This series began humbly but those of us involved in it strongly believe in its potential; we feel we are offering something unique in the edutainment realm.

However, producing each episode comes with several challenges, not the least of which is their cost in both resources and time. These videos are made by a working teacher and volunteering students, on their own limited time and dime, and this greatly constrains our ability to continue production of these videos. Although we have received some support already, this alone is not enough to elevate this project to its potential. So, we are reaching out to our audience for financial help.

If you are among those who feel English Weirdness is a worthwhile project, and would like to support our efforts to keep making them available to you, please consider donating here. Any and all money you pledge will go to paying for equipment rentals, feeding the volunteer performers, and improving the quality of the videos. You can pledge as little or as much as you like: CAD $5, $10, $20 or more would be tremendous support for this project.

You can donate here:

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Any contribution you make would be greatly appreciated, and in return I pledge to do my best to continue making great videos that spread the Weirdness of English worldwide.

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Teacher Paul
Teacher Paul

Paul Duke lives, instructs, tutors, and writes in Canada and Japan.

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