Hard-Boiled English Media is my company that produces English language educational videos. These are available for private institutional licensing through McIntyre Media, but are also published on Youtube, Dailymotion, Bilibili, Linkedin, Pandora, Facebook, to name a few international platforms. Here are some of the series I create.

English Weirdness

In this long-form web series, my students and I investigate a particularly confusing and strange aspect of English grammar. The series involves dramatizations featuring student performers, animations and graphic representations of the language patterns, and interactive, inductive analysis between Teacher Paul and his student. These videos can be found on the Youtube channel, as well as the series website.

Hard-Boiled English-LIVE

Hard-Boiled English-LIVE streams on Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter every Friday evening at 7pm (PDT/PST). The show’s format is simple: me at the whiteboard, answering YOUR questions about English. Recordings of the show are also archived on the Youtube channel.

English Confidential

In this series pilot episode, Teacher Paul investigates the flawed expressions, or ‘language crimes’ that native English speakers are guilty of committing, and which can confuse learners and negatively influence their development.

5-Minute Mysteries

in this series pilot for a short-form video series, Teacher Paul answers a question sent to him by a student. These videos are shot on location.

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